Have you done any of these Insanely Dangerous Social Media Challenges or Trends..

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Social media is dark and full of terrors. Check out 20 insanely dangerous challenges that made teens lose their minds. In most cases, the stories end tragically.

Take this list as a warning, and not as an encouragement. Don’t attempt to replicate what you are about to see!

1. Blue Whale Game

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The Blue Whale is a mysterious online phenomenon that allegedly persuaded teens to commit suicide.

It all starts when an administrator of the game challenges you to wake up at 3 A.M and watch a horror movie. Next thing you know you badly want to complete all the remaining 49 daily tasks.

Acts like self-mutilation and running away from home conclude with the final challenge – to kill yourself. Stories go as far as youngster stopped in their tracks, just before jumping off buildings.

The name of the game is a clue to the last task you need to complete. Scientists consider an act of suicide when blue whales end up on beaches around the world.

However, some skeptics dismiss the Blue Whale as nothing but a joke meant to induce mass hysteria. Even this remote scenarios comes with danger attached – taking everything on the Internet for granted.

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Coming up is a hilarious challenge that always creates a sticky situation.

2. Gallon Smash

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Grocery stores workers hate the Gallon Smash more than anything else.

“Clean up on aisle 5!” That’s the sign another prankster fell while handling two gallons of liquid (most often milk).

Of course, the whole thing is meticulously planned to look accidental. All you need is some decent acting skills and another friend filming the whole ordeal. The resulting video must end up on YouTube!

The only bad news about Gallon Smash is that it works only in the United States. Why? Let’s just say the rest of the countries were uninspired to switch for the metric system and toss away the gallon for the smaller liter.

Although it looks harmless, the challenge has its downsides. One prankster had to go to the hospital for a broken jaw after miscalculating the impact force. Another one was caught on camera and had to pay the damages.

via Viral Challenges

The next challenge took things a bit too far. Click next to see!

3. The Kylie Jenner Lip Challenge

via YouTube

The phenomenal lips of Kylie Jenner inspired a social media challenge that is equally disgusting and dangerous.

Let’s say this from the very beginning. The starlet had nothing to do with the trend, and it is hard to trace down the first user to alter its lips in such a crude fashion.

You will be relieved to know lips swelling like that is not the result of Botox, but rather a quick fix one can do at home. All you need is a glass or a jar, in which you suck until you create a vacuum inside.

More pronounced lips are known to be attractive, but this is clearly too much. A bit of lipstick would have fooled the eye just as well.

We have in mind all girls who might think of it when we say this. It’s not sexy and will never be! In fact, one can even injure itself by breaking some of the blood vessels in the lips.

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Teens ignored common sense and almost lost their lives. Check out the incredible challenge they accepted!

4. Fire Challenge

via YouTube

Rescue teams first blamed spontaneous combustion. They were even more puzzled when they discovered people did it on purpose.

Unless you are a professional stunt, you should never attempt to play with fire next to highly flammable substances. Consider this warning and ignore all the hype social media made out of the heroes that burned like torches.

You have to be incredibly bored not to find something better to do with your free time. Or, you drank way too many flaming tequilas to perceive the stunt as life-threatening.

We have a hard time sleeping after watching the pics and googling the videos. What is worse? Burning your skin on purpose or allowing social media to see the proof and have a laugh?

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Schools are no longer safe for children. Check out the gruesome act students perform and then share on social media!

5. Eraser Challenge

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The Eraser Challenge commands middle-school children to erase the skin of their arms, a form of self-mutilation that apparently makes no sense.

But we obviously don’t see the full spectrum here. Any group of people has its internal system of validation and kids are drawn to it by what worried parents and teachers call peer-pressure.

Back when were kids, erasers were simple tools to correct our errors. But everything got new meaning once social media became a force to reckon.

What’s next? Satanic rituals involving paper cuts? Pencil tattoos? Should parents consider themselves lucky if their children prefer the Eraser Challenge over the Blue Whale?

via YouTube

6. Banana Sprite Challenge

We all know what happens when you mix Pepsi with Mentos. Check out another unusual combination and its disgusting results.

When you have a banana in the picture, it comes easier to call monkeys the individuals that pursue idiotic social media challenges.

Modern alchemists have better things to do than to uncover a recipe for gold. Their quests stop at a rather simple question. How much can your stomach take before the vomiting reflex kicks in?

It appears that two fair-sized bananas and 1 liter of Sprite are a recipe for disaster. Hilarious and sickening videos proved that countless time. Even so, there are still volunteers eager to make fools of themselves in front of an online audience counting millions.

We should fund an Internet commission to discover the bright minds that first launch such ideas. And then re-institute a death penalty for them.

via YouTube

7. Ice Bucket Challenge

via YouTube

The Ice Bucket Challenge is by a far margin the most successful and widely copied social media challenge.

From actors to politicians, everyone did it. And we see why. Cooling of the heat of the summer came in the same package with raising awareness for ALS.

However, even this challenge was spoiled by individual not paying minimum respect to safety precautions. Behold the woman that died after a bucket full of water hit her head. Below is a construction version of the Ice Bucket Challenge that went terribly wrong.

Because of its enduring popularity, the Ice Bucket Challenge turned into a hazard. Just go ahead and watch one of the many fail compilations existing on YouTube. Most of them required stitches!

via YouTube

8. Car Surfing

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What happens when putting the pedal to the metal no longer offers the same thrill?

Adrenaline junkies found an alternative method of getting high on public roads legally. Exploiting the fact that no driving code states passengers should be inside the car, daredevils took on the hoods, trunks, and even on roofs of their cars.

Naturally, the hardest part about car surfing is maintaining balance at tight corners. We don’t even bother mentioning brakes. There is virtually nothing to help you battle your inertia.

Car surfing is insanely dangerous because 9 of 10 it ends with an accident. Lucky ones end up with nice bruises to flaunt on social media. The least fortunate get a more intimate knowledge of just rough the asphalt can be with your fragile skull.

via Creative Cow

9. Cinnamon Challenge

via YouTube

The Cinnamon Challenge left thousands of courageous individuals grasping for air inside a cloud of spice.

You could call cinnamon the cocaine of the poor. YouTube abounds with videos of people who attempted and failed in ridiculous ways. The irony is that the challenge produces no winner.

Science proved long ago that our salivary glands are unable to provide enough fluid to ease passage down the throat for a spoon full of cinnamon. We advise you not to try this at home unless you are eager to clean the kitchen and waste the precious spice that was once worth its weight in gold.

The least that can happen is you to gag and vomit. The worst case scenario has to do with cinnamon going all the way down to the lungs, where it can cause infections and even full organ collapse.

via YouTube

Innocent at it seems, the next challenge claimed a couple of lives.

10. Planking

via Planking

Planking is a curious social media phenomenon because of its close connections to a form of exercise bearing the same name.

For the casual upright observer, there is nothing wrong with lying perfectly still with hands touching the sides of your body. You might score success selling this maneuver as a fancy yoga relaxation technique.

However, imitating a plank can have its dangers. There are numerous reports from all over the world of plankers falling to their deaths after attempting the stunt on cliff or balconies.

Hell, even the harmony of the office has to suffer from a trend that went out of control a couple of years ago. Workers planking are half as productive as those who don’t. Below is a sample of a workplace savoring an extended plank break.

via Wikimedia Commons

It happened to you at least once. Now, they all do it on purpose!

11. Sunburn Art

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Sunburn art is a social media trend that brings people dangerously close to skin cancer.

You can do a perfect cosplay, and you will not even get close to the guy that let the sun’s rays draw a Batman logo on his chest. Who wants to be a lousy sport that still gets tattoos in a time when Sunburn Art is everything?

The rules are simple. Create an unusual pattern on your body and upload pics of it on social media. The more contrast you get, the better.

We sure miss those good old days when going bare and concluding the summer with a uniform tan was considered healthy.

The challenge of Sunburn Art is to come up with a radical new design, something that would fool people into thinking you have a skin discoloration disorder. Winners get free cancer!

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On the next page, you get to relive your childhood game to a whole new level.

12. Rubber Band Face Challenge

via YouTube

Using rubber bands to play with your skin is an all-time classic.

We all did it when we were young and brainless. For those who wanted to relive the glory days, the Internet perfected the challenge and made it even more grotesque.

Forget about tying your finger until it goes numb. Putting tens of rubber bands on your face can create an endless variety of silly faces, guaranteed to keep even the adults busy.

Let’s break in the facts. The rubber band stunt is similar to the Kylie Jenner Lip Challenge, as it restricts blood flow to the skin. Those who take things beyond common sense should expect permanent marks on their face.

What’s the challenge here? It’s simple, silly. To put as many rubber bands and to keep them on as much as possible. There is no gain without pain, and every rubber band veteran would gladly talk war wounds on YouTube.

via YouTube

Kids challenging each other over social media is not something new. Check out the next insanely dangerous task their quirky little heads can conceive.

13. Game of 72

via Alamy

13-year old French teen named Emma went missing for three straight days, only to appear home with an enigmatic claim that she won “The Game of 72.”

If you did not get it, 72 stands for the number of hours each nominated child should spend away from home. While most teens are perfectly capable of taking care of themselves for the duration, not the same applies to toddlers.

You will be mortified to know even 4-year-olds joined this Russian roulette that can tragically end in the warm embrace of a pedophile. The social media challenge spread like wildfire giving local police a nut very hard to crack.

Just imagine how hard it is for them to navigate through all those bogus and focus on the cases that need attention. The girl who cried wolf might end up one day with her face on the milk carton.

via Reddit

Coming up next is one social media challenge that failed to trigger a survival instinct in some.

14. Boiling Water Bucket Challenge

via YouTube

You’d have to combine the power of the Fire Challenge with that of the Ice Bucket Challenge to understand why people poured hot water over their heads.

Let’s make it clear from the start. Don’t attempt this at home, unless you want to spend the next couple of months in a hospital bed, mending third-degree burns.

Charles Darwin would have wanted to see the fine human specimen that came up with the idea. The young bloke seems suspiciously proud of himself for someone who is about to perform one of the most regrettable things ever.

Observe the clothes used to protect his hands from the heat. His single neuron should have cried out at that moment!

For the sake of humanity, the Boiling Water Bucket Challenge did not catch on people. It’s hard to imagine even an alternate reality where celebs nominate each other for such a treat.

via YouTube

Most insanely dangerous social media challenges come from the Western world. Check out a disturbing trend coming from far-away Japan.

15. The Rice Ball Baby Trend

via Instagram

Rice is such an important part of Japanese culture they seek every imaginable way to use or reference it.

Brewing sake from the wonder cereal was obviously not enough. Shaping the faces of babies to resemble a traditional triangular rice ball was the next obvious step.

All you have to do is place the thumbs under the baby’s chin and squash the face to the familiar triangular pattern. Of course, the cries of their not so happy toddlers stopped most parents in their tracks.

Even so, the weird practice pushed Japanese social media past its obsessions with tentacles, manga, and Pokémon. The Rice Ball Baby Trend became so engraved in local culture some parents are even considering ways of making the cute face deformation permanent.

via Instagram

The next insane social media challenge gave many reasons to quit social media for good.

16. Don’t Judge! Challenge

via YouTube

Social media is always about flaunting beauty, perfection and making eyes pop out with envy.

Someone had the “bright” idea to change the rules, at least for the duration an unusual trend survived. In a turn of the tide that scared the hell out of parents, teens began drawing acne, unibrows, or decayed teeth. Ugliness emerged from the cave of shaming to become hype.

The incredible transformations that saw beauty queens become Ugly Bettys united under the #DontJudgeChallenge hashtag. Instagram, Twitter, and Vine, all channels made people acknowledge the incredible power of makeup.

Of course, it’s impossible to highlight the invisible reasoning that pulled the strings of the phenomenon. Was it a desperate cry for beauty standards to judge individuals less harshly? Or was is rather a meaningless buffoonery we adults have no chance at understanding?

via YouTube

On the next page, we will get a closer look at one of the worst social media trends ever. Can you watch without cringing?

17. Dead Pose

via Twitter

The so-called Dead Pose gave many a free ticket for a heart attack. Here’s what we know so far.

The bored teens of South Africa were the first to unleash this sick and disgusting joke. The rest of the world soon followed suit, frightening thousands of unsuspecting friends, family, and neighbors. The most successful Dead Pose ended only after scoring three days of mourning and a traditional social media obituary.

Do you remember the mannequin challenge? In its most rudimentary form, the Dead Pose is just someone lying solidly on the ground. More elaborate pranks start from fake blood and go as far as staging an entire car crash.

When a video showing a toddler coming across his “dead” father reached the Internet, everyone agreed the joke achieved its climax. The pose died for good once people started the awful habit of poking at the real dead.

via Kenya Crazy Media

The next uncomfortable to watch social media trend started as a joke. Some teens were gullible enough to do it for real.

18. Cutting for Bieber

via Quick Meme

When shots of pop superstar Justin Bieber smoking a joint reached the Internet, some fans completely lost their minds.

#CutForBieber was a mock campaign that came dangerously close to claiming lives. In an attempt to get Bieber back on track, courageous (or disturbed, if you prefer) individuals took the nearest sharp object and began cutting themselves.

Obviously, doing that in private as you worship a poster of Bieber gazing back at you that doesn’t count as enough. Pics depicting blood offerings flooded social media in a grotesque display of stupidity.

We have a hard time remembering the last time such an idiotic behavior became viral. But then we remember that people set themselves on fire or bathed in boiling water.

We sincerely pity today’s youth. Some fans went as far as pouring ketchup on their forearms, just to avoid harsh criticism coming from their Bieber-worshiping piers.

via Instagram

Coming up is another weird challenged born on Chinese social media channels.

19. Belly Button Challenge

via Mirror

The belly button challenge proved once more just how disturbing our current beauty standards could be.

The stunt reminded us of the time when people were desperately trying to touch their elbows with their tongues. Only now we are talking about something only skinny models and poster children for anxiety can accomplish.

The belly button challenge requires you to touch your birthmark by going behind your back and around your waist. Trust us; it is harder than it sounds!

Obviously, the trend became a hot topic for young girls anxious to put their perfect bodies to the test. Once in a while, a chubby fellow emerges to mock the practice, proving that joint flexibility counts more than having a slim waist.

Oh, and let’s point out the essential bit of information. Touching your belly button in such an odd manner led to hundreds of dislocated shoulders.

via Instagram

The last challenge on our list left a teen with life-threatening head injuries.

20. Duct Tape Challenge

via YouTube

Duct tape – the cornerstone of every engineering project turned over to the local handyman. How can kids use it these days to get in trouble?

The duct tape challenge took the Internet by storm when thousands of youngsters all over the world began to devise one of the most mind-twisting games ever. Tied in a way that would make most SM connoisseurs jealous, the player (victim) has to free itself as quickly as possible.

With the video going straight to YouTube, the stakes are high. 14-year-old Skylar Fish was so desperate to win he ended up busting his head open after smashing it against a window frame.

For college students, the duct tape challenge is nothing but a spinoff. The dorm walls are a testimony to a practice that goes back to the offline era.