GolfBoard: An Alternative to Riding a Golf Cart

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The GolfBoard is a mashup between a scooter and a golf cart that’ll have you looking like the coolest guy or gal on the golf course. Golf will no longer be a slow game.

If you incorporate the GolfBoard into your games, your rounds will only take a fraction of the time that it’ll take without it. You’re saving money and energy that you can use to play more golf.

The vehicle is lightweight and has an articulate design that makes it best-in-class when it comes to golf vehicles. It’s sturdy and provides a smooth ride where you can surf the turf with ease. Its tires are made for the terrain, so it won’t mess up the golf course.

It’s even more turf-friendly than your typical golf cart. So, when you choose to take one of these boards out for a spin, you’re putting forth an effort to preserving the environment.

There are hundreds of golf courses across the country that have adapted the state-of-the-art board, so they can bring the golf-cart of the future onto the green.

With the GolfBoard, you can ride through any golf course without worry and just focus on enjoying the journey. Stop walking and go golfboarding, be a part of the movement.

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