Glovestix: Glove and Shoe Deodorizer

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Need a way to get the stink out of your shoes or gloves? The Glovestix is here to help. Stick a pair of these easy-to-use deodorizers into your well-loved pair of shoes or gloves, and in only 24 hours you’ll definitely smell the difference.

Moisture, bacteria, and those yucky germs will be absolutely gone. These glove and shoe deodorizers won’t just mask the smell like others

They will get rid it so you’ll never have to deal with it again. You can use these deodorizers for three whole months. That’s a whole season’s worth of clean shoes and gloves! After that, all you’ve got to do is replace the inserts with new ones. It’s that simple.

From your brand new pair of kicks to your old reliable boxing gloves, the Glovestix helps prevent odors and bacteria for all of them. These glove and shoe deodorizers use state-of-the-art Silver Seal technology that sucks the moisture out of your gloves or shoes and eliminates the smell.

The Glovestix don’t have any weird perfumey smells on them. Rather, they just get rid of the smell that lingers in your shoes or gloves. Whether you’re a gym rat, an athlete, or just someone that hates dirty shoes, the Glovestix makes the stench a thing of the past.

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