Funny Military Pictures – What We Do On Our Day Of

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Stuck in the middle of the desert with some time off… what to do? Check these funny military pictures of what the serving military do in their spare time!

Prepare for the next Quidditch tournament

All praise goes to the men and women who that help to protect our way of life and the sacrifices they give so that we can sleep safely at night. Often they find themselves in hostile environments far away from there loved ones. One thing that helps them get through their tour time is a sense of humor and as you can see from the photos they have submitted, there is always a way to find something funny to do.

#1 Get stuck into some mini-bites

#2 Alternative weapons training

#3 This looks safe enough to play with

#4 Just horsing around

#5 Softball practice at ANOTHER level

#6 Time to put on your pink crocs and do some serious dancing

#7 Find somewhere to quite to catch up on some R and R

#8 Let the tournament begin

#9 Spend some time with your spotter dog

#10 Play with the big boy jets

#11 Try out the latest fire proof clothing

#12 Ain’t no stopping us now

#13 Playing around with the latest stealth jet

#14 How do I land this thing?

#15 Make some useful and informative road signs

#16 Find somewhere to rest where nobody can see you

#17 They’ll never see this coming

#18 Let’s have a mustache day

#19 I’m forever blowing bubbles

#20 Here comes the cavalry

#21 Air Force super mini

#22 Just hangin with Saddam

#23 I like to ride my bicycle

#24 We worship the goddess Devi Durga

#25 Practice the quickest way to get behind enemy lines

#26 Military Minecraft

#27 Spending the day at the funfair

#28 A day at the pool

#29 Yihaaaaa

#30 Drone launch practice

#31 Monkey’in around

#32 Catch up on the ironing

#33 Awww, make a pretty Christmas tree

#34 Going to the wizards convention