Esther A Cute Little Adopted Pet Pig Grows To 670 Pounds

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Esther A Cute Little Adopted Pet Pig Grows To 670 Pounds


Esther was such a very cute pig and such an adorable adopted pet, and she was so little but then she grew… and grew, until!

When Steve Jenkins and Derek Walter from Canada decided to adopt Esther she was such a small cutie but they had no idea that one day she would grow to be a whopping 670 pounds of cuteness. Would they though might be a miniature piglet was actually a baby commercial sized pig bred to be some of the biggest pigs in the world.


Since then Esther has certainly changed they lives offering love, friendship and fun on a gigantic scale.


Esther is also extremely intelligent, animal experts say that pigs have the same intelligence as domestic dogs.


The guys have now built a Facebook page dedicated to Esther and have a following of over 250,000 people who like to follow Esther’s progress and share in her every day life as well as post pictures of there own loving pig pets photos. Follow the link at the bottom of the page to check out Esther’s Facebook page.


Steve Jenkins and Derek Walter have been so inspired by living life with Esther that they have now dedicated themselves to building an animal shelter… What great guys.


Ester taking a nap.