Drunk Girl Tries To Bait Officer Into Sexually Assaulting Her

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A young woman in Albuquerque tried to get out of a drunk driving charge and accuse a police officer of sexual assault, but she forgot one detail: The cop was wearing a body camera, and the video showed the real story.

Deanna Griego, 23, was arrested for drunk driving in the middle of the night. Realizing that she would face charges, Griego immediately tried everything she could think of to get off the hook.

First, she tried to sweet-talk the cop. “I’m going to school for being a cop,” she explained to officer Jared Frazier, as if that would somehow make him sympathetic to drunk driving.

Belligerent drunk blonde, says she is a “good little school girl” and will do whatever the officers wants of her.  Aww nice try.