Drowse Buster: Prevents You From Falling Asleep While Driving

Have you ever felt sleepy in a situation where you weren’t supposed to be? Maybe you’re trying to make it through a long drive or a boring meeting. The Drowse Buster is a smart device that’ll make sure you stay awake during the moments that matter.

The device works by attaching to your earlobes and providing a comforting massaging effect to a particular area. It combines TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine) and smart technology to provide you with a proven system that’ll keep you alert at all times. It’s a non-medicinal way to take back control of your body and use the hours of your day the way you need to.

For example, truck drivers and others that often drive long distances would surely benefit from using this gadget. Drowsy driving causes many accidents on the road. Also, office workers and college students could especially use this device.

It’s the perfect way to get through a corporate meeting or a strenuous college class. Nobody wants to embarrass themselves by falling asleep, no matter how boring that event may be.

If you need to recharge the gadget’s battery, all you need is a micro USB cable. For example, any Android charger will do. You won’t have to go out, buy, and worry about yet another charger.

With the Drowse Buster, you can certainly stay alert no matter what events life may bring.

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