Drone Flying Over The Ocean Records Something Astonishing, Wait Until You Zoom In

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If you haven’t been to Dana Point yet, it’s time!

Dana Point is a little city within the Orange County in Southern California. If you get there, you’ll take notice of the top-notch hospitality services and a breathtaking coastline that makes you long for a ride in the waves. That ride could be the best thing in your life. You want to see those whales and dolphins in the waters!

That’s where Capt. Dave Anderson comes in. He’s been taking people for tours for a long time, and he’s installed all the modern technology to make sure everything is captured and enjoyed at its best. He has drones and underwater cameras for the job!

Want a sneak-peek? Here’s a 6-minute clip of one of his rides. What’s captured here will make you dream of Dana Point. This is amazing!

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