7 Year Old Boy Who Beat Cancer Gets The Surprise Of A Lifetime From Complete Stranger

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An Ebay seller gave a kind gift recently to a Welsh family who had undergone a difficult ordeal. Corey and Evan Wells, brothers ages 10 and 7, earlier this year raised more than 3,000 Pounds Sterling for a charity by riding their bicycles cross-country along a 17-mile course from Nant-yr-Arian to Machynlleth. At 18-months of age, Even had suffered from rhabdomyosarcoma, a rare cancer, and he had later undergone lifesaving treatment with the support of Latch, the Welsh Children’s Cancer Charity. The boys’ mother, Johanna, also overcame cancer.


After Corey and Evan participated in the well-publicized bike ride, their father, John, went online to purchase a BMX bike for the children via Ebay. He spotted a bike with a low starting bid and returned a few days later but noticed that the listing had already disappeared. He contacted the seller to see if the merchant still wanted to offer the bike for sale. The Ebay seller instead simply asked him for his address and expressed admiration for the contributions John’s children had made recently to charity. He told John he would discover the bike outside the family’s front door the next day. John did not mention the conversation to his sons. 3-32

When Cory and Evan and their parents returned to their residence in Aberystwyth the following day, they discovered the BMX bike sitting close to their front door. The kind gift of the racing bike delighted the children. Corey posed for a photo with a placard thanking the anonymous seller.


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