Crazy Woman Sets Ex-Boyfriend’s Car On Fire, One Itsy Bitsy Problem… It Wasn’t Her Ex-Boyfriend’s Car

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This woman had the perfect plan for revenge on her ex-boyfriend: she was going to set his car on fire. She had all the accoutrements needed for her dubious and vengeful scheme: a rag to stick in the gas tank and light the car on fire and a flammable liquid and kindling to ensure the flames would continue to burn the vehicle.

One slight issue with her act of retaliation… she lit up the wrong car.

“I have no idea who she is,” Thomas Jennings, the man who owns the now charred car, told local station WFTS after seeing security camera footage of the fiery crime. “I’ve never seen her in my life.”

After a week, the culprit Carmen Chamblee was caught by police. She told authorities that she set the Honda Civic on fire because she thought it belonged to her ex-boyfriend.

She now faces charges of second-degree arson. lol