CouchCoaster: Don’t Worry About Spills With This Drink Holder

Are you always accidentally spilling drinks on your couch? The CouchCoaster makes those accidents a thing of the past.

This coaster gives you a stable place to put your drink that’s right on the arm of the chair. But if you don’t want it on the arm you can lay it flat on the couch or drape it over the backrest.

Whatever you’re comfortable with, this coaster will give you the optimal experience.

It comes with adjusters so it can fit cups, cans, and bottles snugly every single time you use it. You can get it in different colors so you can potentially match up your coaster with your couch.

Nobody likes to clean up their couch after a drastic spill. If you use this coaster then those stains are going to become a distant memory. No more explaining where different stains come from when you have company over.

They’ll think that you bought that couch that day. Even though this coaster has a tacky base, it’s not going to mess up your couch.

No matter what material it’s made of, the coaster is designed to not leave a trace once you take it off. Also, it’s a cheaper alternative to a coffee table. Who doesn’t like to save money?

Relax and enjoy the drink of your dreams with the CouchCoaster.

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