Glovestix: Glove and Shoe Deodorizer

Need a way to get the stink out of your shoes or gloves? The Glovestix is...
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Kodiak Canvas Truck Bed Tent

Pitching up a tent can be a long and strenuous process. The Kodiak Canvas Truck Bed...
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GolfBoard: An Alternative to Riding a Golf Cart

The GolfBoard is a mashup between a scooter and a golf cart that’ll have you looking...
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The Bridal Buddy

Don’t let something as mundane as going to the bathroom mess up your big day. The...
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Hot Dog Toaster: Cook Four Hot Dogs All At Once

Do you love hot dogs? The Hot Dog Toaster gives you the power to make four...
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Ryan Reynolds, Hugh Jackman call truce on ‘feud,’ plus more news

Kissing and making up? Halp. We may never again see Ryan Reynolds get pranked by Hugh Jackman,...
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Man who won ONE DOLLAR on the lottery asks for his winnings to be paid by a giant check

Tyler Heep from Urbandale, Iowa, won just a single dollar on a lottery scratch-off, but a...
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Study Finds That Smelling Your Partner’s Farts Makes You Live Longer

You know that you’ve reached a level of intimacy with someone when you can fart in...
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Heidi Klum Apologized to Drake for Ghosting Him

It’s never too late to say sorry! Back in February 2018, while guest at Ellen DeGeneres...
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