Bite Helper: This Device Eliminates Itching From Bug Bites

Imagine this: you’re lying around at a campsite surrounded by your closest friends and family. You’re spending time eating yummy s’mores and stargazing when suddenly you feel a small prick on your leg. Now you have a bug bite and can’t help but itch your leg uncontrollably. What to do? With the Bite Helper, you can quickly stop the itch and irritation of bug bites so you can get back to enjoying the great outdoors.

Place this device on your bug bite, press the ON button, and in only 45 seconds the itch is gone. The helper uses heat and vibration on the bite to increase blood flow and circulation.

Now you no longer have to worry about getting bit. That awfully annoying itching sensation becomes a thing of the past.

Anybody that loves to head out into the great outdoors needs to have this in their backpack or knapsack. Bug bites are something that everyone deals with, but they shouldn’t have to deal with the non-stop irritation.

It’s also safe to use on children. It’s non-toxic and chemical-free, so it’s perfect for individuals with medication allergies.

The device also uses two AA batteries, but you only have to change them out after every 100 uses, or once per season.

The Bite Helper will make the itch of bug bites a thing of the past.

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