Bird Box Is Most Watched Netflix Original Movie Ever

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I bet no one has expected or see this coming, however the new horror movie, which staring Sandra Bullock, now officially holds the most streaming movie record in a single week.

According to the streaming giant Netflix, the movie Bird Box, which stars Sandra Bullock, has been streamed over 40 million times since its release date released last week which knocked the movie bright staring will smith into 2nd spot.

Many suggested that the biggest reason the movie Bird Box popularity hit sky high due to the incredible amount of memes that it has spawned in only seven days. If you just google Bird box memes, ton of memes already mugging the movie and some specific parts, especially the monster which wasn’t showed during the movie. It’s not really hard to see why Netflix hit the success with the film, thanks to the tons of memes, debates, hilarious theories, that have been floating on social media in just seven days.