Best Tips of How to travel for CHEAP

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We all know that the traveling is far from being cheap. Fly’s, hotels, eating out, insurance to car rentals to public transportation etc, the list can go on and on.

Quite frankly, there is no free like cheap travelling, one way other you are going  to spend reasonable amount of cash, unless you have a truck-load of rewards points hiding somewhere waiting for you to use?

However, even though everything it costs, does not mean you need to get a 2nd mortgage to travel your destination. In fact our editors has collected the most useful tips that will allow you to reduce your cost and possibly will help you to travel cheap, much less then you first anticipated.

Rewards Points Are For the Win

Rewards points are obviously one of the best way to reduce your expenses, you wouldn’t believe how much these helps. In fact, according to the research conducted by Indian uni, reward points are the biggest and most important travel savings option of them all.

So how can you collect them reward points? where do you find them?. There are really three different ways that you can collect the points.

The first option is to well known loyalty programs from specific companies, like airlines and hotels. The second is to using a credit card which provides rewards points, some of the credit companies gives back up to 5% rewards on every purchase you make. And the third and possibly the best one is to  sign up for a credit card with a nice sign-up bonus offer, due to heavy competition between these credit card companies, ( thank god) you can easily pick that provides 50,000 bonus points for a airline company if you willing to spend time by and direct your shopping via that particular card.

It’s even possible to accumulate enough rewards points to pay for an entire trip, though most people will only use rewards points to pay for a portion of it.

Booking Earlier Paying Earlier

Many travels doesn’t even know that when you booking and paying earlier you are going to save up to 40% on the cost of airfare even hotels. This is due to, when you are closer to the travel date, the higher the cost of the airline ticket is going to go up as many people prefer buying close to travel dates which is a big mistake. 

Also avoid the peak seasons, unless you have a good reason, see what i did there? Very important about being strategic on the time of year you choose to travel is one of the very best tips to save money. Seriously many of the people who saves tons of cash is using that simple tip, simply booking many months ahead of the travel time special with airlines.

Use Travel Booking Websites

I would definitely suggest you to check out and use the travel booking sites like this will provide you possibly the very cheapest flights and book them for you as well.

Travel booking websites simply scan the entire web for you for the cheapest flight deals matching to the date you want to travel, and when you find one that you like they will literally book them for you and send you all of the details through emails or SMS.

Peak Seasons are the worse time to travel

Generally speaking, the high summer and winter seasons are the most expensive period to travel. Haven’t you ever notices how the prices are sky high during July, August, and December. But on the flip side of things, the cost of airfare should become much, much lower during September and October, as well as after January. So plan according to these if you are really looking to get a cheap travel to your wished destination.