Beltbox Vocal Dampener: Perfect for Ambitious Shower Performers

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Do you always have people telling you to quiet down? Do they not appreciate your singing as much as they should? With the Beltbox Vocal Dampener, you can sing as loud as you want and no one will hear a peep. It ends up reducing your sound up to 30 dB.

This is comparable to turning a full belt into a whisper. If you’re a performer that needs to practice, then this is perfect for you. You don’t have to run around town trying to find a quiet place to practice before a gig. With this genius device, you can warm-up anywhere and still be able to hear yourself.

It’s even waterproof so you can use it in the shower. It comes with a removable strap so you can use the device hands-free. Sing while you’re making dinner. Sing during your morning commute. You can sing while doing literally anything with this device in hand.

This would be a great gift for any singer in your life. They can bring it to places like auditions and dressing rooms. If they use it, they’ll have a leg up on other performers since they’ll be able to practice more. Every singer needs this hack in their life from professionals to amateurs.

The Beltbox Vocal Dampener revolutionizes singing by giving you a warm-up room in your pocket.

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