Before You Get A Tattoo, Take A Look At These Pics That Expose How They Fade Over Time

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Tattoos are a great way to express yourself. There are tons of different designs and styles of tattoo that you can get and thousands of talented artists to choose from.

If you haven’t had tattoos before, there are a few things that you should keep in mind when you’re considering your tattoo and placement. Depending on certain color uses, wear and tear of the skin, tattoos can fade significantly over time.

If you get a tattoo, especially one with a lot of colors, you can pretty much expect fading over a few years. So, if you’re not prepared to go in for some touchups, you’re going to be left with a faded tat.

Check out these 16 tattoos and how they’ve faded over the years.

1. Stick and poke tattoos are usually done at home and they fade a lot faster than regular ones because the needle can’t penetrate the skin deep enough to deposit the ink properly.

2. Tattoos on the finger are also not the best idea. Fingers sweat, rub together, and are used all the time so the constant rubbing will cause fast fading. Some artists won’t do hand tattoos at all. 

3. This shark has seen better days. All he needs is a little love from a talented artist. Just because tattoos fade, it doesn’t mean they can’t be touched up.

4. This little peach is light in color so it’s getting kind of hard to see now.

5. Mouth tattoos are probably the shortest living tattoos. Most of the time they will completely rub off in six months. More importantly, mouth tattoos are a thing? Why? Who would get it? Who would do this? Ouch!

6. Even the blackest tattoos will fade to a blueish gray as they age. Look at how much the black lines have thickened out. This kind of fading also depends on what level of talent your tattoo artists has.

7. Almost all of the red coloring from the flames has vanished from this tattoo! If you want a low maintenance tattoo you should probably stick to black ink.

8. As you can see, full black tattoos fade but they don’t get lost in translation the way some lighter inks do.

9. This golden key went from looking like it shines to a brown faded color. Even the shape of the key seems to be a bit skewed.

10. Watercolor tattoos are a popular trend, but it looks like the vibrant colors don’t heal as bright as they look at first.

11. Another example of why finger tattoos are not the best choice (unless you’re interested in temporary tattoos or don’t mind getting it touched up often.)

12. Not quite as clear as it once was. For this case, I’m not sure how a touch up would fix this guy up.

13. Another watercolor tattoo example. I’m sure she could always go back and get the colors put back in. The music notes held up alright.

14. It looks like this painting was scanned directly onto this guys skin, after a few years though it’s not quite as vibrant.

15. A few years passed and this tattoo definitely lost some of the details. If she’s quick, she can get this touched up and avoid further smudging.

16. Super faded! That’s a lot of hard work that’s basically disappeared. I wonder how artists feel about having to redo extensive pieces like this portrait.