BedJet: Personalize The Temperature of Your Side of the Bed

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Do you like it cooler or warmer when you sleep? When you sleep with someone else, you often fight over the temperature of the room you sleep in. We all have different body chemistries. Because of that, we want different things to ensure that we get the best night’s sleep possible. The BedJet gives you control of the temperature on your side of the bed without tinkering with the temperature of the whole entire room.

You can control the temperature with a remote control or with the mobile app. This awesome device will certainly help you save money on your utilities.

You won’t have to heat or cool the whole house when you really just want to feel the temperature in the comfort of your own bed.

If you have hot flashes, then this device would be perfect for you. You’ll always be able to change the temperature as often as you’d like without getting out from the comfiness of your own cover.

Also, you can program temperatures for different hours of the night. You can even set up a personalize wake-up temperature. It can give you whatever you need to elevate your sleeping experience.

The Bed Jet gives you the power to have a great night’s sleep every night.

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