Bad Boys 3’: ‘Bad Boys for Life’ release date revealed

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The Bad Boys are back thanks to the IG announcement from Smith and Lawrence back in December and now Sony has officially acknowledged the third installment in the action film series in the works. The studio recently announced that Bad Boys 3 — also known as Bad Boys for Life — will hit theaters in early 2020, as THR reported.

The action flick’s release date comes just a day after shared new plot details. The online magazine reported that the film will new Bad Boys as the previous ones focuses on the classic duo Mike Lowery (Will Smith) and Marcus Burnett (Martin Lawrence) after their partnership died. Burnett will appear as a private eye in the latest Bad Boys, and Lowery will have a new “young and snot” partner, whom Mike Lowery (Will Smith) doesn’t feel that much loyalty. At the same time, Lowery will be single and going through a midlife crisis of sorts.

Apart from the drama in their private and professional lives, there will also be an Albanian mercenary with his sights on Burnett and Lowery in a quest to avenge his brother’s death. Of course, they’ll need to team up to stop him.