AvoSeedo Bowl: Grow Your Own Avocado Tree With Ease

Do you love Avocados? They’re the start to such yummy dishes like delicious sandwiches or a fan-favorite: guacamole. But, have you ever thought about growing an avocado tree in your own home? The AvoSeedo gives you that awesome and unique opportunity. The process of growing your own avocado tree is so easy that a child could do it successfully.

Open up an avocado and take the pit out of of the middle. Then, peel it for faster germination.

Place the pit inside of the device and place the entire device into a bowl of water.

With time, the avocado plant will grow. All you have to do is maintain the water level. This is an awesome way to grow a sustainable plant that doesn’t need much effort.

You can even go on vacation for a couple of days, come back, and your avocado tree will still be thriving.

After a couple months you can transfer the plant into a pot and place soil around it. Then, the plant will grow into a beautiful tree.

This is the perfect gift for anyone who enjoys gardening or just someone who loves avocados. Both will surely enjoy having this tool in their home.

Grow avocados in the comfort of your own home with the AvoSeedo.

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