5 Great Cities To Visit For A Magical White Christmas

Are dreaming of having a white Christmas this year? Well then look no more, Sleeklad has collected the 10 of the amazing cities for a magical holiday season.

1. Salzburg – Austria

Salzburg is one of the most Christmas favorite city that many visit, particularly during the Christmas season, the incredible joyful atmosphere makes it even more magical.  Oh yeah, there is a shopping near the Salzburg castle, mostly covered in a shields of snow,  that takes you into the wonderland, just like in a fairy tale. Warning Salzburg can make you want to stay longer than first anticipated.

Salzburg – Austria

2. St Petersburg – Russia

If you love snow and cold, that you will easily handle the famous Russian city, St Petersburg and we promise you are guaranteed a white Christmas.
St Petersburg is an incredible city, and has so much more to offer then just snow, there is the amazing Winter Palace to visit and the Russian culture is must see. Don’t you worry about the cold, If the cold starts hitting you,  then do what the Russians do and grab a bottle of vodka and take a few zips.

St Petersburg – Russia

3. Chicago – Illinois

Christmas is absolutely amazing in USA’s most famous city Chicago,  there is always 90% chance of snow on Christmas day. But don’t worry, if  the snowflakes are bit late, you can always take a trip to  the open public ice skating and still have a wonderful time with your loved ones.

Chicago – Illinois

4. St. Moritz – Switzerland

St. Moritz got more and more known due to its beautiful winter surroundings that serves now as a playground for the rich and famous and it really is stunning. Although due to its fame,  the prices have rocketed over the years. This incredible fairy tale town, will surely take your breath away and also possibly all your savings too.

St. Moritz – Switzerland

5. Montreal – Canada

Montreal and Christmas’ its like city was created for snow and winter.
From December 20th to December 31st, Old Montreal is home to many famous selection of impressive Christmas activities. For instance The Jacques-Cartier Square turns into Nordic Square, and here where the fun begins, there are many musical performances, outdoor bars, hot chocolate, holiday mascots, photo-booths, and much more! However, Montreal can get really cold,  temperatures have been recorded as being as low as 42 °C (−44 °F) at the peak of winter.

Montreal – Canada

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