19 Of The Funniest WTF Moments Ever Captured

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1. She better watch her back for surprises.

2. Soon? What do you mean soon? Ohh Jesus help us.

3. We are hating this mom. Mooooooooom.

4. M&Ms always provide a happy ending to our day as well.

5. She asked for the fish off Finding Nemo. Utter disappointment ensued.

6. Vegetarian Ham: Chicken flavored.

7. Urgh good grief just let whatever is killing them kill them.

8. The rear beauty of a dog is never appreciated.

9. They were prepared for the Google photographer this time.

10. The gas mask is concerning.

11. Whaaaat? Arms on arms.

12. Cacti vs. cactuses is not the issue here.

13. It remains between him and the horse.

14. Real life Calavera.

15. No pot of gold was ever found.

16. A sloth always does her studies.

17. We don’t feel that he was forced into taking this photo.

18. Mr Teeny?

19. Ohhhh my god…