10 Weird Things That Could Only Exist In North Korea

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There are a lot of strict rules in North Korea. Particularly around censorship.

More often than not, photography is not even allowed.

All of North Korea is a mystery, which we only get glimpses of through smuggled photos and information.

Outsiders aren’t even allowed into the country unless they pay a hefty price.

North Korea is extremely isolated, and secretive.

Here are a few strange, but true laws from North Korea.

1. Government Hair Cuts

1. NK Government Hair Cuts

In the Western world is blessed to have rights to their own personal style.

But in North Korea, this isn’t the case.

In North Korea, there is 28 government approved hairstyles in North Korea. That’s it.

10 for men, 18 for women. While I think some haircuts should be discouraged, like man-buns, no haircut should be illegal.

2. Big City

2. Big City

Would you like to live  in the capital of North Korea?

Then you need permission!

That’s right, if you want to live in North Korea’s capital, Pyongyang, then you need to get permission from the government!


3. Voting Is Mandatory

3. Voting Is Mandatory

We have the right to decide if we want to vote or not during the election.

But in North Korea, it’s illegal not to vote as the government mandates that all its citizens MUST vote.

However, the government also demands that everyone votes for the same person.

4. Controlled TV

4. Controlled TV

North Korea controls every channel that its citizens can watch.

There are only 3 TV channels to choose from and they are strictly controlled by the government.

5. Controlled Religion

5. Controlled Religion

North Korea keep control over religion.

If anyone is seen carrying a Bible, Quran or any religious text they are imprisoned or executed.

They believe that if the people believe in a power higher than the government, then they could revolt.

6. Family Punishment

6. Family Punishment

In North Korea, there is a three-caste system and it’s disturbing. North Korea’s founder, Kim Il Sung, established the three-caste system in 1957 to control his populace. Society is broken down into these three classes: core, wavering, and hostiles, with those most loyal to the government, were placed in the ‘core’.

8. Human Waste

7. Human Waste

North Korea stopped receiving fertilizer for its farmland from South Korea in 2008.

Since then North Korea has turned to human waste as a trade for animal waste.

Each factory in North Korea is made to supply farmers with as much human waste as they need

8. State Made Web

8. State Made Web

Computers are also made by the state.

There are no Window computers or Macs in North Korea.

9. Unicorns.

9. Unicorns

North Korean scientists claim that unicorns are actually real! You heard that right.

Local archaeologists have apparently found an ancient lair belonging to this once mythological creature.

The place is in the capital of the country: Pyongyang.

It’s believed that this “magical” discovery raises the social power and patriotism of the country’s citizens

10. Magic Medicine

10. Magic Medicine

North Korea apparently has a cure for Mers, Aids, and Ebola.

These ”magic” injections also help to ease cancer, morning nausea, and stress.

According to sources, the medicine includes red ginseng, gold, and platinum.

Pretty crazy, right?

Thank goodness I don’t live in North Korea!

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