18 Camouflaged Animals That Are Coming To Get You

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In order to survive in this dog-eat-dog world one must do their best to blend into their natural surroundings. These animals have mastered the art of camouflage but it wasn’t for survival purposes, it was to entertain humans to no end.

1. Pastel chic.

2. Climbing on your balcony, snatching your acorns up.

3. This is a good way to get sat on.

4. ….as is this.

5. Hmm, this is not so much camouflage as it is sacrificing a friend.

6. Where is his body? Where does it start and finish?

7. Another reason not to kick the ball inside.

8. As the saying goes, “stuck between a rock and a dog”.

9. No owl puns? OK owl stop.

10. No place like home.

11. Well done kitty.

12. This cat has a death wish.

13. He is the branch manager.

14. She has thought about the blood splash back.

15. You’re a lizzard Harry.

16. “I wait until the children are asleep”.

17. This is scary AF.

18. “I’m right here…why can’t you see me…urgh you’re giraffing me crazy”.