16 Husbands Who Did Their Best But Failed

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1. Men are forgetful. We will forget our own birthdays. This specific man thought ahead, however, by taping a note in an area where he will be. Now, there is no way he will forget.

2. At this rate, she is going to ‘lose’ a lot more teeth a lot quicker.

3. How you burn toast as a father is beyond me. I figured the smell of burning toast would be enough of a signal to take those suckers out!


4. This is what happens when a wife asked a husband to ‘put some spaghetti on the stove.’ I wonder if he put that measuring cup there for her or if it was already there.

5. When your kids have an abundance of googly eyes and your wife just told you to reorganize the fridge.


6. Most women want an emotional and sensitive man. This husband has shown that he can’t go long bouts without his wife next to him as evidenced by this heartwarming note.


7. Just a little preparation for when this little fella has to go for his first job interview. I’m sure in a couple of years this guy will grow into daddy’s suit.

 8. When your husband wants to do you a favor and iron your pants but only makes them worse by making the creases and folds more visible.

9. When you ask for a bowl of ice cream but your husband only has a measuring cup nearby.


10. This is what happens when you put liquid soap into the dishwasher. And this is why you should never leave your husband unsupervised.


11. A wife politely asked her husband to go out and pick up some daycare activities and this is what he came back with. At least now the parents can be sure that their child will have the most fashionable shocks in the whole class.


12. A wife asked her husband to bring back some fish food for the pet fishes that they have and this is what he brought home.

13. A wife told her husband to pack her lunch and to ‘surprise her.’ And surprise her he did with this weirdly placed set of fruits and a 20 dollar bill.


14. This is what you get when you let your husband take your daughter out shopping. And then you let your 10-year-old decide what she wants to purchase.

15. When you move into a new house and need bathroom mirrors installed. Oh, and when your husband is nearly 6 foot 8 inches and the wife barely meets 5’1”

16. Everyone likes a sensitive person because it shows they are empathetic and caring. But apparently, this wife wasn’t so happy with her husband’s love poem.