15 Epic Reflection Fails That’ll Make Your Day

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1. Fame doesn’t prevent reflection fails. It just makes them go viral.

2. Loneliness can be a curse.

*awesome selfie skills, though.

3. Simply unfortunate.

4. Either sunglasses or laptop. But not both, please.

5. Classy.

6. He’s an open book to the world.

7. When bae’s been staying out ’til late but you don’t want the world to know.

8. Waiting until he was home just wasn’t an option.

9. “The award for the weirdest mirror selfie goes to… this little sundae.”

10. Where’s that girlfriend when you need her?

11. “Take it quick sweetie, mommy has to go to work.”

12. This is kind of a bummer.

13. “That’s not a child, that’s just my doll.”

14. That kid has just had the ‘naked selfie’ ruined for him forever.

15. That kid’s mastery of a flip phone is quite incredible.