15 Baking Fails That Happen To Everyone

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Pinterest is clearly playing with our hopes and expectations. We always believe that we can reach for the stars… until the oven teaches us what provides a rough dose of reality. Don’t worry, you’re not alone – Pinterest has been lying to all of us.

1. From running man to fat man.

2. It’s just a little melted it’s still good it’s still good.

3. Those bacon hearts aren’t ideal.


4. Those Deathstars were destroyed.

5. From muscle men to Michelin men.



6. Those candy canes are now candy splodges.

7. Fail (but, still, chocolate is chocolate).

8. Nailed it!

9. Whoops, sorry honey.

10. It’s Jabba the Hutt!



11. Waffle brownies – so much hope.

12. Noooooooo!

13. Skeleton man fattened out.

14. RIP chocolate cookie cups.

15. They’ll still taste good.