Man Claims He Found Dead ‘Dragon’ On Remote Island

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A man claims to have found the corpse of a dragon on a remote island, and the video he took sparked rumors online. As cool as this is, it doesn’t seem real whatsoever. There’s very little information about the discovery from any credible source. The remains of the body have allegedly been taken for testing by experts, but it doesn’t tell us who these experts are. Dragon experts? I want that job.


But the footage looks incredible. If it’s not a real dragon, someone still gets an A+ on their art project. Online, the video has gained a lot of attention, and with it, lots of comments. One user on Reddit said: “Dragons don’t have four legs and wings. The two forelimbs would have evolved into its wings… like a bat. Fake.” For the most part, people have determined this isn’t real. Dragons are simply a legend and will remain that way.

However, I must point out that several other creatures, who are very real today, were once believed to be mythical. Gorillas were merely a tall tale until 1902. Tigers, giraffes, giant pandas and other ginormous animals were also believed to be a tall tale at one point. So will we one day be able to add dragons to this list? Who knows? It doesn’t look like this is going to be enough to show the world dragons are real, but whatever this is, it’s pretty impressive.