11 Thoroughly Upsetting Team Uniforms

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Yikes, whoever was in charge of designing these uniforms should be fired immediately. Not only do they hurt the eyes, but some of them are wildly inappropriate. Nevertheless they were worn and people unfortunately saw them.

1. This is a flight attendant uniform right?

2. Oh they feel the shame, no need to point out their uniform failure.

3. It’s all types of confusing.

4. “Autobots, transform and roll out.”

5. Wouldn’t you need more room in the pants for the frantic brushing.



6.  Ohh no, no, no ladies. No.

7. “HIS ARM…for the love of Christ somebody help this man.”

8. These uniforms are so distracting. Maybe that is a good thing.

9. Seriously, a little more material will not effect the game.


10. Why the shoulder pads in the groin area?

11. Wait…this is indoor volleyball?