10 Hilarious Jokes To Scare Your Significant Other This Halloween

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10 Ways To Scare Your Boo This Halloween

10 Ways To Scare Your Boo This Halloween

Halloween is known for bringing out the mischievous side of everyone. Be it a drive by egging, jumping out at a loved one or simply lighting a black cat in a small child’s face, it’s all done in the festive spirit. Now you can join in on the pranks with our guide on how to scare your boo this Halloween.

1.Tell Him Your Pregnant

There’s no better way to give your fella the heebie jeebies than to tell him you have one in the oven.

2. Tell Her Your Pregnant

If your girlfriend is especially gullible you might be able to get away with telling her you’re pregnant. This works best if you already have a paunch.

3. Cut Their Brakes

You’ll have to get your hands dirty for this one, but when you see their petrified face as they drive straight through a crossroads, it’ll be worth it.

4. Tell Them You’ve Got Leprosy

Be sure to have the camera rolling when you do though. Gotta milk that reaction for all the likes it’s worth.

5. Show Them That Body You Found

Remember that corpse you found up the Wicklow mountains? Bring them to see it. For added shock tell them you did it.

6. Tell Them There’s No Milk Left

7. Become A Scientologist

Start espousing the teachings of L. Ron Hubbard. If that doesn’t scare them show how much you spent to become a level 8 thetan.

8. Leave The Hob On

Take your significant other out for a meal but leave all hobs up to the last. If they ask ‘Did I leave the cooker on?’ ‘Reply with an eerie ‘It’s too late…’

9. Watch A Scary Film Together

My personal choices would be ‘Song For A Raggy Boy’, ‘The Magdalene Launderies’ or ‘Angela’s Ashes’.

10. Spring Your Parents On Them

Nothing will put the shits under a girlfriend or boyfriend like an impromptu visit of the in-laws.