10 Great Cities To Visit For A Magical White Christmas

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If you are looking to have a white Christmas this year then here are 10 of the best cities for a magical holiday.

1. Oslo – Norway


Oslo gets snow every winter so if you are wanting a white Christmas this year then this city certainly a good choice. There are also many ski resorts nearby giving you plenty of opportunities to play around in the cold white stuff.

2. Helsinki – Finland


Helsinki is another Scandinavian city that regularly has white Christmas’. The city also has amazing architecture and design buildings and when you see it all covered in snow it becomes truly magical.

3. Salzburg – Austria


Salzburg is one of my favorite cities to visit and at Christmas time the atmosphere is even more pleasurable. Shopping in the square market with Salzburg castle covered in a blanket of snow next to you will make you think you are in a fairy tale. And after your white Christmas comes to pass you probably wont want to leave.

4. St Petersburg – Russia


You would have to be very brave to visit Russia in their winter. But if you can handle the cold then by all means visit St Petersburg and you will surely be guaranteed a white Christmas. But snow is not all this city has to offer, there is the amazing Winter Palace to visit and the Russian culture is must see. If the cold does start getting to you then do what the Russians do and down a shot of vodka.

5. Tallinn – Estonia


Tallinn is Estonia’s capital and hardly thought of for a vacation but if you are wanting to visit somewhere special this Christmas then consider this quaint city. Many of the city streets are still cobbled and when combined with a historic castle and well maintained old buildings it is like stepping back in time. Cover that with a blanket of snow and you have your magical white Christmas.

6. Chicago – Illinois


Chicago is a wonderful place to be at Christmas but there is only a 50% chance of snow on Christmas day. If the snowflakes don’t fall you can still visit the open public ice skating and still have a great experience.

7. Prague – Czech Republic


Prague is a great place to visit and has grown to one of Europe’s most popular tourist destinations. While it is the least likely city on our list to have snow on Christmas there is still a better than chance than most other places.

8. Aspen – Colorado


Aspen is pretty much guaranteed a white Christmas every year but it’s not just the snow that draws in the tourists. People flock here because of the wonderful Christmas spirit and old world charm.

9. St. Moritz – Switzerland


St. Moritz is so beautiful at winter that it has become a playground for the rich and famous and because of this prices have rocketed over the years. This magical town will surely take your breath away and also all your savings.

10. Montreal – Canada


Montreal has had their fair share of Christmas’. But it can get really chilly in this city, temperatures have been recorded as being as low as 42 °C (−44 °F) at the peak of winter.