10 Creative Halloween Costumes With Funny Fake Legs

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10 Creative Halloween Costumes With Funny Fake Legs

Looking for creative Halloween costumes that will stand out from the rest this spooky holiday? Then check out these funny costumes that feature fake legs and will make you look totally awesome.

1. Jetpack Costume


This cool looking costume will give the impression that you are gliding through the air with flames shooting out of your jetpack. How awesome is that!!!

2. Contortionist Costume


Show off to your friends your body’s flexibility with this entertaining contortionist costume.

3. Tauntaun Rider Costume


Here is one for Star Wars fans, arrive at a Halloween riding a Tautaun and all your friends will be jealous. Just hope it is a cold night or you may start feeling a bit hot underneath all those layers.

4. Caged Alien Being carried By A Robot


This costume maybe a little tricky to pull off but if you manage it you’ll be the talk of the night. Just have to watch out for any low door arches.

5. Gorilla Carrying You In A Cage Costume


This costume is simple but totally awesome, just hope the cheeky monkey will let you out at the end of the night.

6. Dinosaur Carrying You In A Cage Costume


This costume is similar to the gorilla one but has a giant reptilian carrying you around in a cage instead. To improve the effect you could even dress up as a caveman or cave-woman.

7. Kidnapped Mermaid Costume


While this Halloween costume may appeal more to woman it would also be funny to see a merman being carried around too. Don’t you agree?

8. Serial Killer Victim Costume


This is probably the most disgusting costume on our list but perhaps the most fun. It is sure terrify your friends and there is no holding back on the gore.

9. Frankenstein’s Monster Bride Costume


Let everyone think that Frankenstein’s monster is kidnapping with this awesome costume.

10. Mario Riding Yoshi Costume


This cool Mario costume may appeal more to kids or perhaps the big kid in you.